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St. Francis Episcopal Church

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1205 Pine Avenue
San Jose
United States

St. Francis Episcopal Church is a vital and thriving parish in the heart of leafy Willow Glen.

We are an Episcopal Church or as our presiding bishop is fond of saying “We are the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus movement”. We have sought to be a Middle Way that bridges many expressions of Christian faith. We descend from the ancient church that traces its lineage back to the time of Jesus and its ways of worshipping rooted in a call and response form of worship often just termed “liturgical” Or as Robin Williams described us: “all of the pageantry, none of the guilt”. At the same time we can be deeply committed to contemporary life and culture without a lot of “thou shalt nots”. We offer refuge from those may have found faith too constraining while providing a home to those who want to experience the life affirming and powerful Good News in Jesus. We are a good home to reconnect with the Christian community.

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