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ArtsEarth is a 501(c)3 venture to better promote artists and the arts communities to the general public featuring dance, film, literature, music, theatre, visual, and multimedia. Original arts articles / reviews published and partnerships are also available.

EIN: 26-3808290

We’d like to help promote your arts engagements/workshops this year. POST ON ARTSEARTH TODAY!

To ensure the public is exposed and educated about quality arts engagements worldwide, networking the artistic communities and publishing original content.


Every Event Posting Gets…

  1. An in-depth and credited description.
  2. Placement in one or more of these categories of: Dance, Film, Literature, Music, Theatre, Visual, and Multimedia.
  3. The most recent submitted events appear on the scrolling slideshow on the ArtsEarth home page.
  4. All submitted arts events are posted on FacebookGoogle+, InstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter.

How to Register and Post Your Events

  1. Click Post Your Event
  2. Fill out the form with Event Image
  3. Click Submit

Our ArtsEarth staff will take it from there.

Postal Address

265 Cambridge Avenue #61226
Palo Alto, California 94306

ArtsEarth is an equal opportunity arts nonprofit venture that encourages the best person for the position available and are equally compensated when our budget allows for it. The level of position or potential pay is based solely on work ability and not gender or race.

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