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… I Missed Your Performance Series: Landings | A Handful of Life Made for One Night

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Date(s) - 05/25/2013
7:30 PM - 11:30 PM

New Art Space Amsterdam


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Part of …I Missed Your Performance – Performance Series at NASA featuring Anet van de Elzen, Sandra Johnston, Holly Slingsby, Tom Woolner and Brian Catling

Three generations of performance artists make five new works at New Art Space Amsterdam!

Variation, impact and imagination were the guiding lamps that found the artists for this four hour manifestation of live art at NASA. Variation in the visual and structural language of performance art. Impact caused by mystery, humour, stillness, curiosity, outrage and delight. Imagination in the unique understanding and poetic engineering of all of those qualities.

Brian Catling (born 1948, London), is a poet, sculptor and performance artist, who is currently writing novels and making live work. He has been commissioned to make solo installations and performances in many countries around the world. His recent solo works at Matt’s Gallery (London) drew much critical acclaim. He is Co-founder of the international performance group The Wolf In The Winter and currently working on another major solo work and construction a processional cross for St. Martins in the Field , Trafalgar Square. He is professor of Fine Art at the University of Oxford.

Anet van de Elzen (born 1963, Eerde) makes photographs, films and low-tech performances; images in a visual art context that are found in between thought and language and are made physical in order to communicate and make a connection to the other. In the dialogue the work exists. She has been making performances since 1992; working in the Netherlands and abroad. Besides her artistic practice she produces and curates performance events, in 2010 she initiated the Dutch performance platform To Be Present – Live – Low Tech.

Sandra Johnston (born 1968, Ireland) is an artist working in the areas of site-responsive performance actions, drawing and video installations. The performance works are developed from close observation of specific situations, gathering various perceptions of: space, light, incident and especially relationships to others. Within these encounters the artist often experiences an internal nervous response of activating lost memories. Johnston’s research has often raised issues about the potential of creative approaches to the aftermath of trauma and acts of commemoration. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Northumbria University.

The practice of Holly Slingsby (born Oxford, 1983) centres on performance and also employs drawing, objects and video. Plundering imagery from a variety of religious and mythical traditions, her work explores the inherited lexicon of symbols and invents hybrids: the unconvincing deities of imagined belief systems. She studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford University (2003-2006) and the Slade School of Art, London (2008- 2010). Her recent exhibitions include a solo exhibition at SHIFT., London (2012); and performances at galleries including Modern Art Oxford (2010); the Barbican, London (2011); and the ICA, London (2012).

Tom Woolner (born London, 1979) is a London-based artist working predominately in Sculpture and Performance. By working across various media and contexts he aims to continually develop and test his playful, cartoon dumb language. Recent exhibitions and performances include: Self Portrait as a Plank of Wood, Tintype, London; The Stone of Folly, Great Brampton House, Hereford and After/Hours/Drop/Box, ANDOR, London. His work has been shown in featured in Frieze, Art Monthly, Modern Painters and The Guardian and he is a visiting tutor at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford.

The performances mix different artistic media and disciplines: visual arts, music, sound and theatre – scripted or unscripted, improvised or carefully planned. Each of these acts are staged for an audience either passive or engaged and is thus constituted as an interface between the performer and the audience. This programme questions the nature of performance, as well as the role and expectations of the audience in relation to this interdisciplinary and multifaceted form of artistic expression.


€ 10,00 Entrance

€ 6,00 Concessions

For reservations email reservations@nasaonline.net

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