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Another Fluxconcert in Amsterdam (Googleism) | I Missed Your Performance Series

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Date(s) - 04/13/2013 - 04/14/2013
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

New Art Space Amsterdam


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Sat. April 13, 4pm to 1am | Sun. April 14, 2pm to 6pm

Join us for Another Fluxconcert in Amsterdam (Googleism), a two-day performance event that subverts the definition of art as seen through the eyes of Constant Dullaart and Koen Nutters.

Constant Dullaart and Koen Nutters with Jeremy Bailey, DNK Ensemble, Jodi, Ben Patterson, Niko Princen, Martijn Tellinga, and many others.

Electronic pianos and silent disco’s, the participatory do-it-yourself, anti commercialist approach popularized by the Fluxus movement has become one of the most ubiquitous and perhaps fitting ways to define contemporary culture. A Child’s History of Fluxus by Dick Higgins, one of the movements founding members insightfully sums up: “Because Fluxus has a life of its own, apart from the old people in it. It is simple things, taking things for themselves and not just as part of bigger things. It is something that many of us must do, at least part of the time. So Fluxus is inside you, is part of how you are. It isn’t just a bunch of things and dramas but is part of how you live. It is beyond words.”

The extraordinary musician, artist and Fluxus co-founder Ben Patterson joins the programme for a fusion of irony and anarchistic energy, with new performances and re-enacted works by Jodi, Jeremy Bailey and Niko Princen. The DNK Ensemble will perform pieces by Mieko Shiomi, George Brecht, Tomas Schmit, Takehisa Kosugi, Alison Knowles and Ken Friedman. During the event, live commentary by art historians accompanies historical documentation that contextualizes 21st Century artistic statements.

Another Fluxconcert in Amsterdam (Googleism) is part of …I Missed Your Performance – Performance Series at NASA this season. The performances mix different artistic media and disciplines: visual arts, music, sound and theatre – scripted or unscripted, improvised or carefully planned. Each of these acts is staged for an audience either passive or engaged and is thus constituted as an interface between the performer and the audience. This programme questions the nature of performance, as well as the role and expectations of the audience in relation to this interdisciplinary and multifaceted form of artistic expression.

…I Missed Your Performance – Performance Series at NASA is made possible with the support of the Municipal Government of Amsterdam, Mondriaan Fund, Performing Arts Fund, and Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.


€ 10,00 Single

€ 15,00 Weekend

€ 11,00 Student and Seniors 65+

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