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Jacqui Naylor (Fair Use)
MUSIC: Jacqui Naylor will perform two different shows each night of her residency, featuring music from her acclaimed album The Long Game.

Jacqui Naylor – The Long Game

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Date(s) - 11/26/2021
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM



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Vocalist and composer Jacqui Naylor returns in celebration of her eleventh and long-awaited album, The Long Game. The album and concert highlight the singer’s deeply rich and soulful voice on thoughtfully arranged material, selected in advance of the recording by her dedicated fans.

Naylor is known for her ability to skillfully interpret a diverse repertoire, bringing together music from different genres and generations. On The Long Game, ethereal jazz arrangements of rock classics from David Bowie, Peter Gabriel and Coldplay sit comfortably next to Latin treatments of standards from Kurt Weill and Charlie Chaplin. Interwoven throughout are the singer’s own compositions, written with long-time pianist, guitarist and arranger, Art Khu.

The artist gained notoriety with an arranging technique she coined “acoustic smashing,” where she sings the lyrics and melody of a jazz standard over the groove of a well-known rock anthem or vice versa. On The Long Game, this technique can be heard as she sings “Fix You” from Coldplay while the band plays a Miles Davis-inspired “It Never Entered My Mind.”

For their return to the SFJAZZ stage, bassist Geoff Brennan and drummer Josh Jones join Naylor and Khu.

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