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Lorin Edwin Parker’s Aparatus Sacri featuring David Leikam, Cliff Adams, P-Bot / CCM Faculty Artist Series Event

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Date(s) - 09/27/2015
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Werner Recital Hall, University of Cincinnati


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Aparatus Sacri – Lorin Edwin Parker

Set 1:

  • He | Helium
  • Ne | Neon
  • Ar | Argon
– Intermission

Set 2:

  • Kr | Krypton
  • Xe | Xenon
  • Rn | Radon

Lorin Edwin Parker is an interdisciplinary artist, audio engineer, musician and educator. His work spans many disciplines and includes installation pieces, musical compositions, sound art, video art, performance art, music for dance, sound for film and the creation of novel electronic instruments and performance interfaces. He has recorded a broad variety of artists, including Anthony Braxton, Andre Vida, Morton Subotnik, Joan LaBarbara and heavy metal band Tendorizor. His instruments have been featured in MAKE magazine, the Bent Festival and performances by the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. Festivals across the U.S. and Europe, such as M&DE at Dartington and the POW! Performance Art Festival, have presented his music and performance art. His writing and designs have been published in various journals and featured in the textbook Handmade Electronic Music. He has been a faculty member at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), The Art Institute of California Los Angeles and the Art Institute of Austin.

David Leikam is a San Francisco-based composer-performer and bandleader of the industrial jazz unit zBug. Being born with cerebral palsy has affected his body and speech, giving him a distinct view into his creative arts/music process and being largely a self-taught multi-instrumentalist. Since 1988, when he recorded his first solo piano piece while a member/producer of the San Francisco Bay Area improvisational music-based arts collective Friday Night Music (est. 1978, member 1986-1994 and 2000-06); David has carved out a unique largely improvisational sonic voice combining the elements of traditional music theory, audio engineering techniques, and visual architectural design.

This year, David is a new NS Design music instrument artist, has released 16 albums, and his zBug project now features Sheila Bosco — drums, keyboards; Sean Price — modular synthesizers; Timothy Orr — drums, percussion; and David Leikam — analog synthesizers, electric bass-cello, acoustic piano for a more rhythmic formation into 2016.

He has studied/performed music with Wadada Leo Smith, John Bergamo, Robert Rich, David Rosenboom, Art Jarvinen, and Eddie Gale.

Special Thanks – Sarah Seelig
Aparratus Sancti – Written by Lorin Edwin Parker
Performed in collaboration with David Leikam
Improvisational and aleatoric structures of Xenon and Argon co-written with David Leikam
Additional keyboards played by Cliff Adams

© 2015 Lorin Edwin Parker (ASCAP)

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