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Daniel Rosenboom | Book of Omens | CD Release Party

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Date(s) - 07/12/2013
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Art Share-LA


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“A musician dedicated to exploration and expression, regardless of anyone’s imagined boundaries.” — Chris Barton, Los Angeles Times (from a preview of Book of Omens)


Book of Omens” is, in essence, a concept album inspired by an original shamanic myth about the cleansing and reforming of a corrupted universe. The album presents a new sonic zodiac, with 12 distinct chords representing 12 different symbolic “omens” or zodiacal signs, each chord governing the “harmonic astrology” for an entire piece, resulting in a suite of 12 pieces, bookended by a prologue and epilogue that state all 12 chords in succession. As writer and pianist Gary Fukushima put it: “The music is cataclysmic and chaotic, a terrifying sonic prophecy of universal destruction and rebirth. The aesthetics are undeniably metal, but Book of Omens is also expansive and deconstructive, an illustration of time and space falling into irreparable catastrophe, with moments of incandescent beauty amid violent bursts of raucous groove lashing out in their death throes.”


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