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THEATRE: The Choreography and Blocking in Performance course from the New International Performing Arts Institute (NIPAI) is a 3-month, online program designed for directors and choreographers.

Choreography and Blocking in Performance – NIPAI

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Date(s) - 01/15/2024
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Choreography and movement is an essential part of performance regardless of whether it is a movement or a text-based piece. Nowadays, lots of theatre directors neglect professional approach to directing a movement in their performances.

This course introduces the essential components of successful performance-making: choreography, composition, and blocking. It gives directors and performers a chance to touch new ways of creating movement in their artistic works. By providing the tools and skills necessary to build strong mise-en-scene, blocking, composition, and movement directing, this course equips directors for production with performers.

Key aspects include

  • Core Topics are Covering Blocking and Mise-en-Scene, Tempo and Rhythm, Montage, Movement for Actors, Acting for Dancers, Improvisation and Spontaneity, Composition.
  • Particular attention is paid to practical learning.
  • Ideal for directors, dancers, choreographers, physical theatre actors, circus and musical theatre performers, and performance artists.
  • Successful students receive a completion certificate, enhancing their professional portfolio.
  • Mix of self-study, virtual classroom, and text-based learning in English. Includes weekly assignments.
  • Open to international students and professionals, requiring commitment to theatre directing and choreography skills development.