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IMA, Andrew Jamieson’s Trouble Ensemble, Felidae | Active Music Series

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Date(s) - 11/10/2015
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Omni Commons

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Electro­percussion duo of Amma Ateria and Nava Dunkelman explores distortions of time and handling of the ever present moment through restraint and release. Their array of metallic nature march forth with space expanding densities to brinks of breakage, situated to be caressed by the beautification of spaces in between. IMA have performed and collaborated with avant garde pioneers such as John Zorn, Fred Frith, Ikue Mori, and many others.

Amma Ateria aka Jeanie Aprille Tang is an audio visual artist + electro­acoustic composer/improviser. Born in Hong Kong, she gravitates to rhythms of construction sites, roaming traffic, inaudible conversations, and airplanes. Her instrument is a collection of electronic hardware and plexiglass.

Nava Dunkelman is a percussionist and improviser based in the Bay Area. Born in Tokyo, Japan and raised in a multicultural environment by an American father and Indonesian mother, Nava’s musical interests span the globe from Japanese taiko to Indonesian gamelan to American marching band, as well as performed classical to contemporary to the avant­garde.

Trouble Ensemble is dedicated to the tradition of invigorating conversation known as improvised music. With west African-inspired sounds of jazz and gospel music, and new sounds innovated from a tradition of experimentation, players use their own musical voices to share stories and truths.

They present arrangements by pianist, composer and arranger Andrew Jamieson, expanded from his solo album Heard the Voice. This album is itself in dialogue with the tradition of African American spirituals and the voices that emerge in rendering them. During this set, the group will dialogue with the spirituals “Ezekiel Saw the Wheel,” “O Freedom,” “Amen,” “We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder,” “Amazing Grace,” and the Civil Rights song, “Eyes on the Prize.”

  • Felidae

Felidae is Sharmi Basu (of Beast Nest) and Fanciulla Gentile. Their collaborative soundscapes brew non-linear stories, thoughtful yet cacophonous in nature. It has been described as “a brain massage” by some. Dream noise sprinkled with sparse dance beats and sweeping vocals punctuate a narrative about ancestral worship and the destruction of capitalism.

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