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Christina Stanley, Duo Pisano (Moe! Staiano & Alan Anzalone), Bran (…) Pos

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Date(s) - 01/22/2016
7:45 PM - 11:45 PM

Life Changing Ministry


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$5-10 Sliding Scale

Bran(…)Pos is the ongoing audio-visual-performance-noise-musique-brain-bend of Jake Rodriguez from San Francisco, CA. Rodriguez has been performing and recording under this moniker since 1996 with releases on C.I.P., Resipiscent, Ratskin Records, Animal Disguise, and Chitah! Chitah! Soundcrack.

Duo Pisano is a limited performed duo between Moe! Staiano and Alan Anzalone, performing on only oscillating generators. Presented in high volumes, audience always sheild their ears due to the very high frequencies induced. This will be their final performance as we say goodbye to Alan, who will be leaving us to warmer lands of Florida in April. Say your farewells.

Christina Stanley is a Bay Area based violinist, improviser, multi instrumentalist, vocalist, electronic musician and songwriter. She is passionate about working with living composers and composing new music.

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