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Gain Stage – Sound installation & performance by Ed Osborn

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Date(s) - 11/14/2015
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Machines With Magnets

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  • Sound Installation on view from 5-7pm
  • Performance: Doors at 8pm, show begins at 8:30pm

In order of appearance

  • Gain Stage (Ed Osborn with Addie Mitchell and Nina Ruelle)
  • Wilted Woman
  • Bridget Feral
  • The Ergot Players and the Breastmilk Artist Collaborative

Gain Stage is a kinetic sound installation that sounds out and shapes acoustic space in relation to a series of physical and mechanical tableau. Each tableau focuses on a single device or object which involves a process of mechanical amplification or inscription. Some of the tableaus run autonomously, others require manual activation. The movements in each tableau are amplified so that their sounds are heard in varying combinations from speakers spread throughout the space. The sounds are processed to produce an elliptical relationship between the tableau and the sound of the movements it shows: they are filtered or delayed, and often heard at a distance. This processing changes over time, so as each tableau unfolds the sounds associated with it move in and out of acoustic focus.

The piece will be presented as an installation in the early evening, then as a live performance with Addie Mitchell and Nina Ruelle joining Ed Osborn in performing the work. Presentation of Gain Stage is supported in part by the Rhode Island Council for the Arts and Brown University.

Wilted Woman is a musician and composer currently residing between Berlin, Germany and Providence, Rhode Island. She makes rhythmic electronic music with elements reaching from Berliner Schule to industrial and musique concrète. You may also know her as DJ Puddle or any number of one-off pseudonyms.

Reykjavík via New Hampshire dog whisperer Bridget Feral presents a new work for homemade electronics and laptop. Over the last few years, Feral’s practice has developed as a sort of handmade inquiry into physics, pure math, baroque composition and the natural world. this encompasses everything from smashing pianos and circuit bending medieval string instruments to communicating exclusively through breath and black midi. Feral will release a debut SD card this winter via her label with Sam Slater, All Female Parliament.

Touchstone/Salmon/Frosting /(Tragic Writual)
By The Ergot Players and the Breastmilk Artist Collaborative

Paintings made by paranormal investigators and girl scouts. Terrible monsters. Cats and cemeteries, women and demons. Witches, feral children and mother. Friends. Poison gardens, poison colors. Patchwork. Beautiful nightmares. Haptic-corporeal experience and knowledge with terpsichorean base notes. Tapestries, vanities, if you please. Empathy and chaos. glamour and dirt. attraction and repulsion Scummy Girls.

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