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Meridian Gallery

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535 Powell Street
San Francisco
Pacific Central West
United States

In the Summer of 1989, Meridian Gallery opened its downtown performance and exhibition space with a show curated by Rolando Castellón (co-founder and first director of the Galería de la Raza) called Drawings from the Fourth World. That arresting show of work by seven San Francisco Bay Area artists from seven cultures and ethnicities set the pattern for much that was to come: Performances of music, film, poetry, occasionally – dance – and from the beginning, Saturday Afternoon Forums, where dozens of interdisciplinary artists have given voice.  By “The Fourth World” Castellón (who was also the curator for the SF MOMA “MIX” program), meant “…that space that exists between geographical, political, and aesthetic borders.”  That space is the one that Meridian with its shows, events and concerts of New Music consistently explores. The interns program is sited at the core of the gallery.

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