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Show Box at Live Arts Exchange (LAX)

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Date(s) - 09/20/2013 - 09/28/2013
7:00 PM - 3:00 PM


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Rotating performances choreographed by Meg Wolfe, Hana van der Kolk, Jennie MaryTai Liu, and Nick + James.

  • Friday, 9/20: 7pm (Meg Wolfe, NICK + JAMES)
  • Saturday, 9/21: 1pm (Meg Wolfe, Jennie MaryTai Liu)
  • Sunday, 9/22: 4pm (NICK + JAMES, Jennie MaryTai Liu)
  • Tuesday, 9/24: 7pm (Meg Wolfe, NICK + JAMES
  • Thursday, 9/26: 7pm (Hana van der Kolk, Jennie MaryTai Liu)
  • Saturday, 9/28: 3:30pm (Hana van der Kolk, Meg Wolfe)

Meg Wolfe / Shannon Does Cloudland
Performed by Meg Wolfe and set to a score by Aaron Drake, this new solo dance work brings to life Wolfe’s hyper-erratic alter-ego Shannon. Shannon is action and noise, charged by scraps of dreams, and fueled by a ferocious impulse to feel it all. Propelled by Wolfe’s choreography through a horizonless space called Cloudland, Shannon walks the tightrope between expectation and devastation, in an atmosphere crackling with current.

Nick+James / Tender Heart
Tender Heart places the dissolution of two expressive bodies at the thrust of structural design. Resulting from a ritualized practice of allowing divergent responses to over-the-top music—ranging from Wagner to Dionne Warwick—the new work by NICK+JAMES with musician Tara Jane ONeil sews together ceaseless dancing with barely visible thread.

Jennie MaryTai Liu / Story Dancer
Story Dancer is a power solo that takes blind faith in the mysterious properties of process. The piece wonders how expressive meaning emanates from abstract form, while continuously turning away from narrative certainty.

Hana van der Kolk / deepbodygl!ttersexpower(pony)party(?)
Collaboratively created and inspired by parties and ritual, deepbodygl!ttersexpower(pony)party(?) is a hybrid of dance performance, happening, and living sculpture. The event aims to disperse into multiple and paradoxical points rather than arrive at the fixed and singular outcome instigated by a single author. Featuring performers Megan May Daalder, Justin Streichman, Jane Pickett, Jos McKain, Olive Noire, Blaine O’Neill, and Hana van der Kolk, deepbodygl!ttersexpower(pony)party(?) invites the audience to witness, contemplate, and in some cases participate in the subversion, play, and transformation potentially available through collective, spontaneous, and embodied experimentation and celebration.

Show Box LAX is the umbrella for a number of collaborative artist-led projects and partnerships, initiated in response to a perceived need for ways to share work, ideas, and resources among the dance community, to raise the level of critical dialogue in Los Angeles about dance as an art form, and contribute to the larger conversation about the art and legacy of dance.

Live Arts Exchange (LAX) creates space for and draws attention to contemporary performance emerging out of Los Angeles. This home-grown performance series showcases some of the most innovative artists and independent companies in LA, creates social events that encourage cross-genre hangouts, and provides opportunity for peer to peer critique. Produced by Los Angeles Performance Practice and the Bootleg Theater, the first ever Live Arts Exchange pulls contemporary theater and dance, film/video, animation, punk opera, and party into one space. LAX 2013 features work from Early Morning Opera, Showbox LA, Poor Dog Group, and Chi-wang Yang, with special events with Timur & the Dime Museum, Zoe Aja Moore, and Miwa Matreyek.


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