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THEATRE: For performers and actors, dance and movement practitioners, professional artists and educators, theatre directors and stage professionals, as well as performing arts academics and students.

NIPAI: International Physical Theatre Laboratory

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Date(s) - 07/13/2024 - 07/22/2024
1:00 PM - 9:00 AM

Laubegg Castle


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What is an International Physical Theatre Laboratory (IPTL)?

An International Physical Theatre Laboratory (IPTL) is a collaborative space focused on exploring and innovating in physical theatre. It includes a three-day IUGTE conference. Unlike workshops and trainings, which focus on teaching and refining specific skills, a laboratory emphasizes collective experimentation and the development of new artistic methods over a longer period. The IUGTE conference within the laboratory brings together performing arts practitioners to share experiences, ideas, and networks, enhancing creative exploration and fostering professional connections.

What is the curriculum?

The IPTL’s program encompasses a wide range of activities designed to enhance the skills of performers in expressing themselves through bodily movement. The curriculum includes an intensive workshop based on the Ostrenko brothers approach, which focuses on physical improvisation, and the creation of physical narratives through movement, theatre biomechanics, and physical action. The IUGTE Conference program include master classes, intensive training sessions, lectures, demonstrations, and performances focusing on dance, theatre, music, opera and performing arts. You can learn about the teachers at the conference by following this link.

Presented by New International Performing Arts Institute