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David Leikam/zBug | NextNow: All Tomorrows After-Parties 2 – Benefit Festival for the Homeless Action Center

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Date(s) - 05/24/2015
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Berkeley Arts


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$12 Each Day or $24 Three-Day Pass

Next Now’s All Tomorrow’s After-Parties 2015 – A Festival celebrating New/Creative Music/Multimedia in service of Homeless Action Center.

A perfect Memorial Day weekend stay-cation … with Music Projects all day long and wild-card improvisational sets drawn from the best and most creative performers in the San Francisco Bay Area … Each evening is a Synesthete PotLuck, these special evenings involve live music with video, choreography, and/or performance arts sets.

87 Artists x 39 Projects x 3 Days …

Here is the current line up … (subject to change as more artists’ projects are confirmed, so check back often):

3 days – from Friday 7pm May 22rd ’til Sunday 10:00pm May 24th


  • 6:30PM Doors Open
  • 7PM Bitter Cricket (Tom Djill, Julia Mazawa)
  • 7:30PM Stephanie Neumann project
  • 8PM Blood and Milk (John Taylor Benson)
  • 8:30PM Primoria (v’Maa)
  • 9PM Window/Door/River (Bob Marsh + Evangel King)


  • 11:30AM Doors Open
  • 12PM Laurie Buenafe + Joy Cosculluela
  • 12:30PM Amy Reed
  • 1PM Alphastare vs. Infinite Plastic Internal (Jeff Klukowski + Mark Pino)
  • 1:30PM -WildCard Set-
  • 2PM Blipvert – Will Northlich-Redmond
  • 2:30PM Cloud Shepherd
  • 3PM Lost Planet
  • 3:30PM -WildCard Set-
  • 4PM Tri-Cornered Tent Show
  • 4:30PM Herndon, Marshall, Hertz Trio
  • 5PM Trio (Emily Hay + Motoko Honda + Biggi Vinkelo)
  • 5:30PM -WildCard Set-
  • 6PM Jaroba & Friends
  • 6:30PM Vox Venefica
  • 7PM Polly Moller + Tim Walters Duo


  • 7:30PM Dialectical Imagination (Rob Pumpelly and Eli Wallace with Meghan McKearney/lights)
  • 8PM Jack Hertz project (Jack Hertz, Ann O’Rourke-visuals)
  • 8:30PM Falling Angel (Bob Marsh)
  • 9PM Qualia
  • 9:30PM Bill Wolter + Amy Lewis/dance

May 24 – SUNDAY

  • 11:30AM Doors Open
  • 12PM Jameson Swanagon + Theo Padouvas Duo
  • 12:30PM Jakob Pek + Andew Jamieson + Joshua Marshall Trio
  • 1PM Alien Planet – Collette McCaslin + Sheila Bosco
  • 1:30PM -WildCard Set-
  • 2PM Crystal Pascucci with Steve Adams, Vijay Anderson Trio
  • 2:30PM Tania Chen & Henry Kaiser Duo
  • 3PM zBug
  • 3:30PM Josh Allen,Tim Orr, John Finkbeiner Trio
  • 4PM Sangita Moskow
  • 4:30PM Ross Hammond
  • 5PM Nava Dunkelman + Gabby Fluke-Mogul
  • 5:30PM -WildCard Set- (Sung Kim takeover)
  • 6PM Noah Phillips project
  • 6:30PM Collision Stories: Bryan Day, Michael Gendreau, Mason Jones, Jorge Bachmann


  • 7PM Snowsteps + Bill Wiatroski
  • 7:30PM Innuendo (Scott Looney, Donald Robinson, Biggi Vinkeloe)
  • 8PM Bridge of Crows (The Watching kinetic video by Mika Pontecorvo)
  • 8:30PM Pachuco Cadaver
  • 9PM The Luna Ensemble

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  1. Mika Pontecorvo says:

    Our updated schedule of performers at NextNow’s All Tomorrows After-Parties 2015 can be found at http://nextnow.edgebuzz.tv (please check this link as we have added some artists, and have time information..
    Thanks, Mika Pontecorvo (curator NextNow)

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