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Christy Karacas Talk
FILM | Christy Karacas will give a talk outlining his career path in animation followed by an up close and personal Q/A about whatever you want to know.

Christy Karacas Talk – GLAS Animation Festival 2019

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Date(s) - 03/22/2019
1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

David Brower Center


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Christy Karacas is an American filmmaker and musician well-known as the force behind the animated television show SUPERJAIL! His work feels torn from the pages of underground comix, low-budget hollywood movies, 20th century video games, and halloween punk with an outrageous thrift-store sensibility rarely gracing the airwaves these days. Having emerged from the influential art scene around Providence, RI in the early aughts, Karacas became known for his tightly chaotic hand-drawn animations SPACE WAR and BAR FIGHT, charting a path to a series of equally wild commercial projects. His newest work (the freshly minted tv show BALLMASTRZ: 909) adds more sparkle to his motley crew of cultural touchstone. This is 2019 sports-themed anime exploding from the guts of a post-apocalyptic future on roller skates.

A conversation with Christy Karacas.

GLAS Animation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2014. Our core mission is to cultivate and promote the art and science of animation. We provide a unique platform for independent animation, champion diverse and underrepresented voices, and emphasize exceptional directors and artists that push visual, conceptual, and narrative boundaries within the cinematic artform. We are a community-driven organization that not only exhibits animated films, but creates a context and language for a shared understanding and appreciation of animation in the United States.

Green from the ground up, the Brower Center is a powerful model of sustainable, mixed-use development. Utilizing the latest in energy-saving technologies and recycled building materials, the Center makes as light a footprint on the Earth as possible, taking into account the true life-cycle cost of building construction, operation, and maintenance.

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