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Like A Villian, Jeff Kolar, OA, Fever WItch, DJ Screwilla Deville | Life Changing Ministry

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Date(s) - 04/11/2016
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Life Changing Ministry


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Experimental vocalist and clarinetist, Holland Andrews, began her solo act behind the alias of Like a Villain. Andrews’ uncommon brand of avant garde music is characterized by a dynamic voice, delving between opera, theatrics, throat singing. By creating a tapestry of melodies, she composes musical realm of emptional depth and dissonance. “…A musical theater-cultivated flair for the dramatic—…experimental music that revels in the dichotomy between pretty and provocative.”- Willamette Weekly

A sound artist, radio producer, and curator working in Chicago, USA. His work, described as “speaker-shredding” (Half Letter Press), “wonderfully strange” (John Corbett), and “characteristically curious” (Marc Weidenbaum), includes cross-platform collaboration, low-powered radio, and live performance. His work activates sound in unconventional, temporary, and ephemeral ways using appropriation and remix as a critical practice. His solo and collaborative projects, installations, and public performances often investigate the mundane sonic nuances of everyday electronic devices.

Uses spoken stories, phrases, words and phonemes as the building blocks for improvised experimental music. Matt has been electronically manipulating sounds for over 20 years, including building an organic voice for drum machine on releases such as “Living Things”. Hugh’s poetry has been published in the books “The Opposite of Work” and “Shy Green Fields”.

The solo project of classically trained vocalist Kelly Ann (KA), from Oakland, California. Described as “slomo mesmer, ritualistic and cinematic, whirling organs…darkly mysterious and almost liturgical, like a lo-fi 4 track Arvo Part, spectral and shimmery, murky and moody…with a slightly witchy/demonic edge to it”.

Super weird chopped, screwed, and otherwise mutated pop standards and modern classics, Oakland.

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