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Alex Cline, Steuart Liebig, Wayne Peet, Eric Barber, Frozen Henchmen | OGT presents

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Date(s) - 02/07/2016
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock


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Frozen Henchmen

  • Max Kutner — electric guitar
  • Logan Hone — saxophone
  • Stefan Kac — Tuba
  • Jesse Quebbeman-Turley — drums

Drummer-percussionist (and sometimes composer) Alex Cline, in looking for a really good time in making a collective effort to co-create some good, spontaneous, multidirectional music has assembled some of his longtime colleagues and favorite musicians to play a set of sounds for the local openminded listening contingent. Said colleagues in this case are bass guitarist Steuart Liebig, electric keyboardist Wayne Peet, and tenor and soprano saxophonist Eric Barber (who relocated to the Big Orange last year), none of whom is assumed to need any introduction at this point. It’s an electric outing, with even Barber employing his electronic apparatus this time, which everyone hopes to also be electrifying. We think chances are good! With untold years of accumulated chemistry development, it may be a challenge to even tell that the group is improvising their music.

Opening the evening will be a co-led quartet calling itself Frozen Henchmen, the brainchild of electric guitarist Max Kutner and saxophonistLogan Hone. Kutner, a gifted and versatile musician known for his group Evil Genius as well as for being the current guitarist in the Grandmothers, is partnering with alto saxophonist Hone, leader of his own ensembles Similar Fashion (which will be playing at this concert series in May, as a matter of fact) and Ice People. The two will be drawing on one another’s original compositions and arranging them for this group, compositions that are characterized by a shared sense of adventure, intricacy, energy, openness, intensity, and fun (as the group’s subtly amalgamated name implies). Rounding out the quartet are tubaist Stefan Kac and drummer Jesse Quebbeman. Despite their chilly name, the ensemble’s set promises to be, dare we say it, burning.
(text Alex Cline)

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