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Date(s) - 01/30/2016
12:00 AM

Littlefield Concert Hall, Mills College


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Zones of Influence by David Rosenboom

a propositional cosmology activated in music for percussion and algorithmic instruments with auxiliary keyboard and glissando parts

Part I — The Winding of a Spring

a) The Stochastic Part
b) The Tripartite Structure

Part II — Closed Attracting Trajectories

a) Melody Set 1
b) Melody Set 2

Part III — Given the Senses the Real Pregeometry

Part IV — Epigenesis, Ontogenesis, Phylogenesis, Parthenogenesis

Part V — The Buckling of a Spring

Zones of Influence is a propositional cosmology activated in music. It is an example of propositional music, a point of view about composing in which composers might build proposed models of worlds, universes, evolution, brains, consciousness or whole domains of thought and life, and then proceed to make dynamical musical embodiments of these models, inviting us to experience them in spontaneously emerging sonic forms. My process for composing Zones of Influence in the early 1980s involved building such models with the idea that once built, they would be activated by the gloriously unpredictable virtuosity of a master performer. Everything was to be energized in vigorous live performance. So, the models became instruments.

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