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Meet those who are contributing and volunteering to ArtsEarth’s mission, as article writers and/or photojournalists worldwide…

Article Writers

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Miranda Seaver Caravalho | Articles

San Jose, California, USA

Miranda Seaver Caravalho is a San Jose-based playwright and director with a passion for the odd and obscure. She’s a regular performer at the SubZero festival in San Jose, and she has been featured in Content Magazine, the JMS Podcast, and the Last Frontier Theater Festival in Valdez, Alaska. You can find her pursuing the local art galleries and coffee shops, looking for something beautiful and unusual to connect to.


Khatija Hussain | Articles

London, England, UK

A recent graduate in English and creative writing. Khatija is an avid reader and dreamer who loves to write and think about her literary characters. Arts and theatre are something she enjoys and has a passion for her ever since she started university and visited the local theatres nearby.


Małgorzata Stanek | Articles

Lublin, Poland

Małgorzata graduated in English from Maria Curie Skłodowska University in 2009, Lublin, Poland. Her major passions in life are languages: she speaks English, Spanish and dabbles in Japanese. She loves stimulating festivals. Ray Bradbury, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Jorge Luis Borges are examples of what she finds most delightful and inspiring in the literary realm. She also appreciates the work of Joseph Conrad.

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Trish Tyler | Articles

Eatontown, New Jersey, USA

Biography coming soon.

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Jon Bauer | Articles

San Francisco, California, USA

Jon Bauer has devoted the last few years to combining his passion for music, travel and photography. He regularly shoots the Treasure Island Music Festival, Outside Lands, and Noise Pop as a house photographer. Jon also shoots for The Denver Post and several prominent Bay Area music blogs.

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ArtsEarth is an equal opportunity arts nonprofit venture that encourages the best person for the position available and are equally compensated when our budget allows for it. The level of position or potential pay is based solely on work ability and not gender or race.

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